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Analysis by Scenario: Tennessee Ethics


Every Tennessee attorney is obligated to know the rules and to act in accordance with their ethical duties. Nevertheless, the increasing complexity associated with the modern day practice of law, as well as increasing specialization, has led to a world in which compliance with our ethical obligations is not always so simple as just sitting down and reading what the rules say. This course is designed to look at some specific facts and circumstances which, depending on the nature of your practice, may or may not be common to your daily experiences. Nevertheless, the course is designed to enhance awareness and understanding of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Scenarios include: advertising, case referrals, conflicts, and several others.

Interactive text programs include questions, response actions, tab activities, and other engaging features.

Comments from attendees:

"Good, practical scenarios that could actually arise for any given lawyer."

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Clarified a few points for me.

Nice mix of ethical questions - learned about lawyer trust accounts.

Thoughtful scenarios, very useful information.

The materials covered a wide variety of ethical issues some of which are rarely encountered but the course was an effective refresher on basic principles in the Rules of Professional Conduct.

The importance of checking the Rules of Professional Conduct when there is some close question about what the lawyer should do ethically.

This was a really informative course. I loved the interactive nature to it!

I gain new insights into some ethical issues that I have not previously encountered in my practice. This was a helpful and useful CLE course.

Well done. Examples of modern marketing, of counsel, and trust accounting issues are very helpful. Dan Small

Helpful for closely examining some common situations within a law firm and how conflicts can (and cannot) be determined.

The course was good, but it would be nice to bake in at least one scenario applicable to corporate counsel.

Good program and well-presented technologically. I wish there were more examples of business-related conflicts and ethics questions, and a bit less litigation focus, but I know such is available in other courses.

Good diversity of issues touching on most of the key areas one comes into contact with in regular practice, with a smattering of less common issues of interest.

Really good real life scenarios.

I enjoyed the variation in presenting the questions.

Enjoyable CLE!

One of the better on-line courses I've had. I'm older and not very tech savvy so this was a good fit.

Excellent on-line interactive ethics presentation. Thanks Brian!


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  • Ethics Credit
  • Interactive program
  • Flexible to your schedule
  • Viewable on desktop or iPad
Course Credits Dual Credits: 1.00
General Credits: 0.00
Total Credits: 1

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