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Modern Law Practice Series: Artificial Intelligence in the Practice of Law [Webcast]

Information on the Evolving Legal Market

Technology-fueled disruption has made its way into industries like healthcare, transportation, journalism and many more. At the forefront of this disruption is artificial intelligence ("AI"), which refers to a computer's ability to complete tasks that have traditionally required human intelligence.

Many legal and technology experts claim that AI is poised to disrupt the legal profession in the not-so-distant-future and is in fact already being utilized for tasks like legal research, contract review, e-discovery and practice management. Widespread use of AI in the legal field may not happen overnight, but it remains an area of the evolving market that lawyers should not ignore.

This session will provide a basic overview of AI in the legal profession and give specific examples of how it’s already being applied. Join us as we discuss the future of AI in the law and the opportunities and drawbacks it presents.

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About the materials Rating: Most of the slides were out of focus on my computer screen during the presentation, but the download is crisp. This is the most fascinating CLE I have ever attended. It put the near future changes of legal practice in crystal clear terms and offered powerful and understandable tools and solutions for having a successful practice right in the palms of our hands. I am especially enthusiastic about research tools now available that will help me overcome my fear of missing something really important and have often caused me in the past to over-research issues (especially in unfamiliar legal topics) and waste time.

The wide field of AI in the law is astounding—I hd no idea all the tools that were currently available for attorneys in daily practice.

It was great but would have loved more coordination between the presenters.

The first two presentations felt like a sales call as much as an informative lesson. If at the end of a presentation, someone asks, "how much are your services," it seems the goal was less about informing and more about selling.

The last presenter was by far the most interesting and engaging.

Frankly, I needed the Ethics hours, but I found the program very informational and inspiring!

It was all news to me and very interesting. Signed: from the dark ages

That was an awful lot to absorb, and much of it was if not technical, somewhat arcane for my level of knowledge. But it was I suppose an intro of sorts to current and future changes and automation of the legal profession due to advances in technology.

Would love to see a more in depth CLE on Ross and the future of legal research including the use of an AI memorandum in the practice of law.

Very interesting discussion on the history and future of AI. I could not read many of the slides.


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