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Crash Course CLE: WordPress for Lawyers


Do you want to start a legal blog? Do you need to create a simple website for your legal practice or give your existing site a fresh makeover? Attorney Tiffany Johnson (founder of QPLegal, a Memphis-based legal writing and legal research firm) will walk you through the basics of building pages, menus, and blog posts using WordPress.

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As a very new attorney, I found this very helpful!

I've tried WordPress before. This presentation makes it sound easier than I found it. I am hoping that it will, in fact, be simpler with this presentation as a guide.

Excellent presentation!

I am very happy this webcast was offered. It gave me the information I needed to tackle this task.

Very knowledgeable presenter. Program has 193 slides and that is too much information for an hour presentation. It was very quickly overwhelming.

Very helpful, and very good job by presenter going over basics. Oftentimes even in "basics" or "crash course" presentations, presenters will accidentally or unintentionally skip over things or not lay the foundation. This presenter went over the basics very well and didn't skip over anything or jump to something without first establishing a foundation.

Oh so very much.


This course is no longer available for purchase.

Course Information Webcast - Archived Video Highlights
  • Dual PowerPoint and video presentation
  • Flexible to your schedule
  • Viewable on desktop, iPad, and mobile
Course Credits Dual Credits: 1.00
General Credits: 0.00
Total Credits: 1

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