Law Office Technology/Management

Work Smarter Not Harder - Business Education Series - How to Better Manage Your Workload: Task Management


Legal professionals must manage hundreds of tasks related to multiple matters or cases. In addition to that, we receive between 120-150 emails a day, most of which contain tasks and items that require follow-up. In this interactive session, you will learn how to build a master task list that captures everything that you must do in a way that those items never get lost. We will get our hands dirty and focus on how to use Microsoft Outlook and/or any other tools that your organization uses to manage tasks. Finally, we will teach you a method for daily planning and weekly planning that will vastly improve your life and level of organization. Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops and/or other mobile devices.

Are you interested in a more intensive business education program? Check out the Scaling Small Law program - a 4-month long comprehensive business education and development program that contains distinct units of study including business planning, marketing, solo/small firm finance and budgeting, client service and experience, ethical considerations and outsourcing and leveraging technology. Applications are due Aug. 2.

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Another helpful presentation by Paul Unger.

Great program!

Good reminders re To Do list and time management

Well organized presentation.

Very useful course.

I enjoyed Paul's commentary and skill; informative and effectively presented. 

A MUST program for any attorney, like me, who wakes up in the middle of the night worrying about deadlines and things to do! Excellent presentation.

Great practical strategies to get organized

This was one of the best and most useful CLE's I've done.

Since I work primarily from Outlook, I learned a more efficient way to create tasks from my emails. So helpful.


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