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A Supreme Court Case Update and Recent Developments for Tennessee Lawyers


Tennessee Bar Association members have been asking for more information about the following cases and the practical application of these decisions and Tennessee law.  We are dedicated to keeping members and attorneys informed on the latest decisions with a dedicated roundtable focused on 3 recent Supreme Court updates. Join our expert panelists, as they provide a practical overview and answer your questions regarding three of the most recent and controversial rulings as well as the impact on the legal practice in Tennessee and what to expect in the future. 

SCOTUS Case Review: 

1) Kennedy v. Bremerton School District
2) West Virginia v. EPA
3) Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Org

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The moderator and presenters were engaging and informative. Thank you!

Good discussion of recent Supreme Court cases with helpful observations and analysis of the implications of the Court's decisions.

Excellent, knowledgeable panel.

I really liked the format where a case was briefly discussed/recapped and then analysis was offered. Well organized!

Good insight into new approach with shift in balance of Court.

Very good

I really did not know much about the first two cases prior to this presentation. I thought each of the presenters did a great job briefing such complex cases in a short amount of time. This was by far the most interesting CLE I have attended this year.

Very clear presentation of leading SCOTUS cases.

Dynamic speakers, found myself wishing this was a 2-3 hour CLE, or more.

A thorough discussion of all three significant cases.

The presenters were superb. Especially clear on outlining the significance of these major shifts in Court reasoning, which cannot be overstated.

I found the discussion regarding these three cases in light of stare decisis particularly interesting given how far back the justices appeared to have looked in all three cases.

The discussion on these three big cases was fantastic. After each presenter spoke of the case, the talking points from the panelists were very insightful. Several of the talking points gave me pause and caused me to re-evaluate my take on each case (especially Dobbs). Thanks for taking time to share and educate.


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