Elder Law

Elder Law Forum 2022: What Can We Learn from the Mary Northern Case?


In 1978, Mary Northern, a 77 year old woman living in a dilapidated house in Nashville, was brought to the hospital with frostbitten feet that became gangrenous. Litigation over whether she should have her feet amputated ensued and received national attention. She died on May 1, 1979, with litigation still raging. Barbara Moss and William Kenner M.D., a forensic psychiatrist will tell the story of Mary Northern. Moss will discuss the ethical rules and conservatorship statutes that have been adopted/enacted since this haunting case and Dr. Kenner will discuss how medical ethics and surrogacy law would deal with the Mary Northern case today.

Barbara Moss, Elder Law Nashville

Dr. William Kenner, Psychiatrist, Child Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst

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Very interesting and informative presentation! Definitely held my attention.


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