Ethics Roadshow Knoxville 2022

While You Were Sheltering

The passage of time brings about change. Sometimes very quickly. For example, that "While You Were Sleeping" movie was a successful romantic comedy back when it was released, but now it would come off as much more stalkery and probably would be treated as just cringe if it were released today. But not everything changes even over time.

While you, and me, were sheltering in place for much of the last couple of years, there have been some significant changes to Tennessee's ethics rules. Yet, there are a lot of important ethics rules that haven't changed at all and that still apply no matter how much other things seem to have changed.

This year's Ethics Roadshow will be divided up into three parts: one that brings you up to speed on changes to the ethics rules that have been made over the last couple of years (including significant revisions to how lawyers can market and advertise their services; one that offers some helpful reminders of important rules that remain unchanged; and one that talks about some changes to the ethics rules that may be on the horizon.

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