Immigration Law

Immigration Judges Unfiltered: A Candid Discussion on Judicial Independence, Internal Ethics and Communication, and Other Structural Concerns


This unique panel of retired U.S. Immigration Judges will provide the attendee with an inside look at the judicial role, with an eye toward broader policy reforms. The goal is to candidly discuss topics that truly require the panelists to be free of governmental constraints. Subject matter includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • The Reticence Surrounding an Article I Immigration Court System
  • The "Real" Adjudicatory Discretion of Immigration Judges -- Being Watched From Above
  • Lateral and Vertical Flexibility (or Lack Thereof) for Immigration Judges to Voice Opinions -- Do They Fall on Deaf Ears?
  • The Judges' Union's First Amendment Lawsuit: Let Them Speak...Literally

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I certainly appreciated the candor. Very interesting!

This is the best online CLE I have ever done. I have practiced 22 years. The speakers were clear, forthright. I didn't have to guess at what they meant. They didn't waste time trying to be funny or giving compliments. I'm actually going to watch it again. Thank you.


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