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Nuremberg, International Justice and Three Tennessee Lawyers


At the Tehran Conference in 1943, Joseph Stalin proposed liquidation of the German general staff by summarily executing 50,000 German military officers. Stalin's remark enraged Winston Churchill. Franklin Roosevelt tried to break the tension by jokingly offering up a "compromise" figure of 49,000; Churchill left the room. Stalin and Molotov pursued Churchill and persuaded him to return, but did not convince him Stalin's comment was not seriously intended. Churchill's vision (and the rule of law) mostly prevailed, though, following the end of hostilities in Europe in 1945. Cordell Hull, a Tennessee lawyer and the longest-tenured U.S. Secretary of State (1933-1944), started, more or less, in Stalin's camp, but later moved toward Churchill, and he guided the U.S. State Department while it helped shape the broad outline for addressing war crimes. Allied policy produced two sets of remarkable trials in Nuremberg, Germany during 1945-1948: the famous International Military Tribunal (or IMT, featuring Robert Jackson as prosecutor) and the less renowned, but no less important, Nuremberg Military Tribunals (or NMT), 12 in number and featuring two Tennessee jurists: Winfield B. Hale of Rogersville (High Command Case panel) and Hu C. Anderson of Jackson (Krupp Case panel).

2016 marks the 70th anniversary of the verdict in the main trial, the IMT, and of the convening of the subsequent NMT trials. This seminar explores the history of all the Nuremberg trials, highlighting the involvement of three Tennessee lawyers, Hull, Hale and Anderson, and features a screening of the acclaimed 1948 documentary, "Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today [The Schulberg/Waletzky Restoration].” Initially suppressed by the U.S. Department of War, this historic film by Stuart Schulberg was released in U.S. theaters for the first time in 2010. Our guest speaker, Sandra Schulberg, a Columbia University film professor who led the restoration team, will discuss how her father’s OSS team gathered incriminating Nazi photographs & motion pictures to substantiate the Nuremberg indictments, and how, through the use of affidavits, that material was given the character of evidence. For more information about the film:

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Course Information April 18, 2016
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