Dispute Resolution, Ethics

Creating and Managing Productive Relationships in Mediation - Practical and Ethical Considerations


This program will focus on how to create and manage productive relationship between mediators and clients. We will address communication skills and ethical consideration.

Approved for 1 hour mediation ethics credit (CME) and 1 hour dual/ethics credit (CLE)

For CME Credit: Once you have completed the online program you may access the CME certificate of completion in the materials attachment (paperclip icon located above the video screen). Please download the form and follow the instructions for CME filing. TBA will automatically file this program for CLE credit.

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I learned a lot about mediation from an experienced mediator.

Very good refresher on good mediation techniques!

I can see why this Gentleman is such an effective Mediator. Very seasoned and practical guidance.

Great presentation. Should be mandatory for all mediators and for young lawyers.

Great insight by a seasoned mediator. Although I've been a mediator for many years, I learned a lot and intend to put it into practice. Well done Steve.

I think this is a very useful topic for mediators. It is very hard sometimes to get the participants to trust you and the process. I enjoyed his stories and tips.

I will hire this lawyer as a mediator.

Mr. Shields is an excellent presenter. He gave key information and tips. He presented in in a way that kept my interest and attention.

Substance very useful. PowerPoints minimally useful; more examples would be helpful.

Excellent speaker and very knowledgeable. Would like to see more on this subject.

Listen; mirror;validate; reframe. Give options at impass; ask questions; acknowledge feelings & emotions & active listening. Use last word or phrase they used to build rapport and trust.

Excellent presentation!

Excellent presentation.

He obviously has a lot of experience in mediations.

Handouts good. He's a great mediator but I didn't learn much "new" information. I did like the de-escalating techniques which he taught.

Mr. Shields was very knowledgeable on this topic and he gave great insight to the trust issues that are inherent in the mediation process. He did not base his content on cliches, but gave us real world practice ideas. Thank you!

Liked the presentation, his demeanor and style were very easy to follow along and stay engaged with.

Very experienced presenter with great insights.

Very good and provided insight.

Great presentation.

Interesting, don't believe I have ever heard this material from a mediator's standpoint

The material related to listening, pace of progress, and re-framing were particularly useful as tools to prevent pushing the parties too early in the process as a way to get their investment in the effort and to achieve a resolution based focus.

I think Steve Shields is an ideal presenter. I am a former student of his from law school and a current student of his ADR wisdom. RE-BOOK STEVE SHIELDS OFTEN!

The importance of preparation that allows the mediator to listen carefully to each side's point of view, and the need to use different techniques to engage the parties so that you gain their trust to help ensure that they feel that they're being heard and given a fair chance to state their case so that they are more willing to come to a settlement.

Excellent presentation.

The experience of the presenter was evident in his presentation. Helpful overview of how integral ethics are to conducting an effective mediation.

I learned new tools to use to improve my mediations from an experienced mediator.


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  • Ethics credit
  • Dual PowerPoint and video presentation
  • Flexible to your schedule
  • Viewable on desktop, iPad, and mobile
  • Discount for Dispute Resolution section members
  • CME: 1 hour mediation ethics credit
Course Credits Dual Credits: 1.00
General Credits: 0.00
Total Credits: 1

This program will be filed for Tennessee CLE credit. Please email a request to cle@tnbar.org for Georgia and Mississippi CLE credit.