6 Reasons To Think Before You Post

Ethical Consideration in Social Media

This course will focus on some of the ethical risks that lawyers and their firms face with the use of social media. The purpose of this course is to warn you about social media activities you may be engaged in that may be in violation of the rules governing lawyer communications. It does not cover all risks, so continue to research and study the rules, the ABA and state ethics opinions when you have a question about your social media activity.
There are serious cyber dangers relative to social media. We will review the latest numbers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and reports on law blogs. Other topics include”

  • Lawyer competency
  • Client endorsements or recommendations
  • Solicitation of potential clients
  • Confidentiality
  • Discovery

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It was helpful to see how social media and website activities can run afoul of ethics rules and/or create other unanticipated consequences.

Overall very helpful for obtaining ethics CLE on a relevant, useful topic.

Thinking through through the issue of being social media friends with judges was most interesting.

This presentation was excellent, well researched and should be an in-class CLE. Very timely and necessary topic.

Social media use should be carefully monitored to avoid ethical conflicts.

Very helpful for any firm with a strong presence in social networking and internet

It was great.

Online courses are hard for me to follow, so I was happy this one kept my attention well.

I very much enjoyed the course.

Great to have a social media policy reference to put in place and provide to the marketing folks with whom I contract.

An often overlooked topic

The material provided insight with respect to scenarios about posting on social media and how such could possibly be an ethical violation. The opinions provided delved deeper into the dangers of posting on social media without being knowledgeable of the ethical rules governing such.


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