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Cybersecurity and Data Privacy: Regulations, Cyber Threats, and AI – Key Issues that Lawyers Must Understand


Join TBA's Corporate Counsel Section for this timely program. Data privacy and cybersecurity issues have been one of the most significant challenges facing businesses over the last several years. Cyberattacks have continued to evolve at a rapid pace and the costs associated with these attacks are more significant than ever. Numerous states and industries have enacted privacy laws, rules, and regulations which create additional compliance requirements for businesses. Finally, the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies are transforming the way we work and live. These issues present complex challenges that lawyers must understand to competently and effectively represent their clients. Please join Baker Donelson attorneys Matt White and Alex Koskey for a discussion on critical legal and risk management considerations regarding the cyber threat landscape, the current state of comprehensive data privacy laws, and the use of AI, including how cybercriminals are leveraging emerging technologies to launch more sophisticated cyberattacks. This discussion will include practical tips for how lawyers can help organizations address this evolving landscape.

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Really timely and important topic! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Cybersecurity issues are on the rise. Both lawyers and clients must be diligent. Tennessee will be imposing new legislation for privacy concerns in 2025.

Fascinating, but scary as hell

I would not have picked this course on my own, but I'm glad it was in the package because I learned some new terms and strategies to protect my data.

Overall, a pretty useful though generic overview on modern tech developments.

Strong presentation about timely and critical practice risks.

Excellent timely presentation.

I wish it had more practical information about how to best approach answering some of these questions for clients and companies rather than broad overview of what AI tools are out there.

I really enjoyed this presentation by two of the leading experts in TN on cyber security. I myself have received emails where I could tell it's a cyber scam, but others may not be so careful. I also appreciated learning about the various organizations that can help should problems arise.

This contained good information on the evolution of phishing emails, a good primer on ransomware, and I found both the 5 critical compliance issues under data privacy laws and 5 primary components of the SEC cybersecurity disclosure rules to be helpful.

Similar to last year's presentation but valuable to hear the progression of cyber security and AI in just a year. -Not surprised by the increase in litigation in this area. -Surprised that the average number of days to identify and contain a breach is 277!! -Interesting on “gray areas” for compliance with data privacy laws with clients. -Being watchful of generative AI and deepfakes

This was a great presentation and I really enjoyed the data slides.

Very well done; definitely held my interest and was very informative. Thank you!


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