Mockingbirds and the Rest of Us Part I

Applying Age Old Values to Today’s Madness, and Today’s Values to Yesterday’s Madness

Aaron Sorkin’s stage adaptation of this Pulitzer Prize winning book and Academy Award winning movie has rekindled interest in the role lawyers play in leading their communities. This highly interactive three part series, taught by the two founders of the Institute for Professional Leadership at UT Law, will examine the lynching scene on the porch of the jail, the trial, and the final scene on the Finch porch after the attempt on the Finch children’s lives.

This is a three-part series, taking place on July 31, Aug. 28 and Sept. 19. The full program qualifies for 4.5 dual hours of CLE, featuring both in-person and virtual attendance options.


Panelists will provide an overview comparing the book, movie and play. This includes council appointment; Atticus Finch’s verbal and non-verbal messages and cues; rules of professional conduct; and the treatment the book, movie and new screenplay give the lynching scene.

Register for parts II and III using the links provided below:

Part II | Part III

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