Family Law Forum 2020, 3 General, 1 Dual (Ethics) Hours


The Family Law Section is hosting their Spring Forum online! Participants will learn about issues and significant changes regarding information that will impact Family Law.  Speakers in this forum will cover hot topics and updates including:

  • Child Support Updates-This presentation will include information regarding the revised Child Support Guidelines which will become effective on May 10, 2020. This will be the most extensive revision since January 18, 2005 when the Guidelines changed from the flat rate to income shares for determining child support. Participants will learn new terms such as self-support reserve and minimum order. You will learn of new changes such as the provision to allow for a credit to be given when the step parent has health insurance coverage for the child. You will also learn about the change wherein a person can no longer determined to be voluntarily unemployed due to their incarceration. It will include required federal changes and additional changes to improve the determination of child support for the children of Tennessee. A new income shares worksheet has been created which will need to be used in all cases beginning May 10, 2020.
  • Key Issues in Family Law during COVID-19-This session will discuss the implications of the COVID-19-19 on family law matters. Areas of discussion including parenting during the pandemic, the Paycheck Protection Program, SBA loans and other issues in the stimulus act, tax and business valuation issues. The speakers will also review key changes and 2019 cases in the 2019 Alimony Bench Book.
  • G.A.L.-Guardian ad Litems in Juvenile Court serve as advocates for children in dependency and neglect actions. This presentation seeks to provide the skills and training to empower any attorney to provide competent representation to children, regardless of practice area.
  • Ethics in Family Law:Mistakes you don’t want to make-This presentation will focus on ethical issues that frequently appear in family law cases, specifically, as it relates to social media, discovery, the attorney-client relationship; communication with opposing counsel and other topics. Participants will receive helpful information on how to avoid ethical pitfalls.

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