Entertainment Law

Entertainment & Sports Law Forum 2022: Trademark & Related Issues within the Web 3.0 World for Entertainment and Sports Law


This one-hour panel will examine trademark and licensing-related issues that arise in entertainment and sports law with respect to new technology. The expert panelists will explore intellectual property issues specific to the Web 3.0 universe.

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Very interesting and timely

I work in Trademarks and the NFT/metaverse issues are definitely at the forefront right now - I thought these insights were very interesting, especially with regards to registration strategies.

Excellent presentation and the depth of discussion on compensation structures for these types of deals was very illuminating.

It was interesting learning about NIL (what is NIL time and what is the school's time). It was interesting learning that the creator of the NFT is a licensor and still owns/has IP rights with the NFT and they license to a licensee. I thought it was interesting how athletes often don't own their own pictures and they are using motion cap technology to create their own images. I enjoyed hearing about the Nike and Rothchild cases. Its very interesting learning about emerging case law in the NFT world.

The update on a few recent NFT-related cases was particularly helpful.


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