Entertainment Law

Entertainment & Sports Law Forum 2022: Runaway Train of Unlicensed Music on Social Media


In an effort to avoid being subject to indefinite infringement liability, social media platforms have found creative ways to license the use of music synched with user-generated content. But, how do we navigate the ever-changing technological landscape to ensure our clients are both protected and paid, especially when each platform’s policies differ? This panel will go through a multi-layered scenario of how music-licensing issues frequently arise, discuss considerations for a range of affected clients – from brands to influencers to entertainers to athletes, and analyze infringement liability for various types of users and “posters” of content.

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This seminar offered unique insight into a new and developing area.

Very interesting and novel topic

The discussion on influencer agreements was particularly helpful.

Good substance and insights. It is interesting that there are multiple licenses you have to obtain to use a song. Good insight on the relationship between brands and influencers (influencers may not know a song does not come with the ability to brand a product). It's interesting that there could be multiple brands or even competing brands that could be on the same social media post and all those brands should be given consideration.

Good range of experience, from multiple sides of typical agreements


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