Business Law 2020: 5 General, 1 Dual


Anyone practicing business law in Tennessee knows that a knowledge of federal and state tax law and regulation can be critical to offering accurate and complete legal counsel. This is true whether one's practice is transactional, advisory, or advocacy-oriented. A basic proficiency in principles of taxation may seem easy to achieve, but the landscape is constantly changing. The interactions between federal and state rules are not always obvious. This complex legal environment makes business lawyering challenging.

With that in mind, this year's Business Law Forum addresses a number of key tax matters relevant to business law practice in Tennessee. The overall program features experts in business and tax law offering real-world recommendations and suggestions on areas of particular concern to business lawyers in Tennessee. The sessions on the first day focus principally on Tennessee state and local taxation, including general matters related to entity choice and Tennessee tax incentives. A distinctive element of the program involves a dual-credit session in which a leader of the TBA Business Law Section offers a glimpse of how tax impacts his practice in any given week. The sessions on the second day focus principally on federal tax law and regulation, including the taxation of LLCs, “hot topics” in entity-based transactional tax planning, and federal tax savings using opportunity zones. All of the sessions throughout the two-day forum are designed specifically for Tennessee practitioners who focus on business and tax law issues from a variety of perspectives and practice settings.

Courses Included

Package Pricing
  • Member: 270.00
  • Non-Member: 450.00
  • Section: 210.00
TBA members who are judges, lawmakers and law students can take TBA CLE onsite courses at no charge for the programming. There may be a separate charge if meals, special materials or other premium features are involved.
Package Credits Dual Credits: 1
General Credits: 5
Total Credits: 6