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Entertainment & Sports Law Forum 2022: Web 3.0: Exploring the Current Role of NFTs and Blockchain Technologies in the Music Industry Today


This one-hour panel will explore the current role of blockchain technology in the music industry today. Specifically, the focus will be on NFTs and how they can be utilized by artists and creators. The discussion will cover practical and legal considerations surrounding this topic.

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I learned a lot about the potential values of NFTs (something I knew little to nothing about). I feel like this is a complicated subject matter to discuss, but the different panelists helped provide easy to digest insight into the matter. I also liked the diversity of the panel and gained insight from the multiple different angles.

Excellent and relevant presentation. One of the better ones from TBA.

Great presentation on cutting edge NFT technology and issues. It's interesting that they are starting to set up NFT platforms through facebook. The utility aspect of NFTs is interesting with the ability for merch, memorabilia, and access. The lack of regulations and when that will change is interesting. The ability for platform owners to take down back actors and the issue of fraud is a concern. The licenesse and licensor agreements is interesting as NFTs are sold as "owning something."

The non-lawyers' tool developers' perspectives were extremely helpful; they were both technologically strong and well-versed in (and realistic about) the law.

Great information.


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